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Bibliography of Frank Wolf

1988 School-leaving exam in Paderborn, Germany, Gymnasium Schloß-Neuhaus
1988-1989, 1990Alternative service at Schloß Gehrden near Brakel, handicraft occupation
1989-1995Degree technical mathematics at the University of Paderborn, Title of the diploma thesis: Modelling the airborne mugwort pollen content of Bad Lippspringe and creation of a prediction program
July, 4th 1995 Diploma in mathematics at the University of Paderborn
July, 21st 1995 Marriage and change of name from Spitzer to Wolf
1996 - 1998 Research associate at the Bayreuth Institute for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research (BITÖK) of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, Department of Ecological Modeling.
June 1999Graduation in Geo-ecology at the University of Bayreuth. Title of the thesis : Computation of information and complexity in time series - Analysis of the water budget of forestred catchments.
Since July 1999 Employed with Agilent Technologies in Waldbronn as Software Development Engineer in the area of data analysis for liquid chromatography systems. The company was founded in November, 1st 1999 by a split of the helthcare and measurement department of Hewlett-Packard.

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